Splash Pads

Spouting From An Endless Array Of Fun

Splash pads, or spray pools, as they are sometimes called, are a safe and attractive alternative to backyard swimming pools. If you want your children to enjoy the outdoors with a custom aquatic playground, Taylormade Landscapes has the expertise to help you plan, install, and maintain a splash pad your children are sure to love.
With options for jets, mists, showers, and more, spouting from an endless array of fun and innovative water features, your kids will enjoy a variety of play zones within a single splash pad. You can rest easy knowing you’ll never have to worry about toddlers accidentally wandering into a dangerous pool area, and you can even design an elegant, upscale splash pad that adds to the value and appeal of your backyard.

At Taylormade Landscapes, we work hand-in-hand with clients to create custom designs that meet every need. Our talented team ensures a fun outdoor space for kids to frolic, imbued with the safety you expect and expressed through the artful installation you prefer.

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Custom Residential Installation

Whether you want a colorful, magical, play space for young children or you prefer a splash pad that blends with your sophisticated landscaping, Taylormade Landscapes can create the one-of-a-kind installation to suit your specific needs and preferences. With so many elements to choose from, you’ll enjoy a unique play feature that ensures summertime fun for kids of all ages.

Customized installations include everything from preferred pad surfaces (including grass or attractive, slip-free rock), to a variety of water features, play equipment, and seating arrangements for children and adults. Poles, arches, hoops, and endless fanciful designs shoot gentle streams or cascades of water or mist, ensuring that your kiddos will never tire of this cooling play space.

With high-quality products and materials, paired with a wealth of experience, Taylormade Landscapes provides you with the custom designs that offer safe and specialized play spaces for your tiny tots. We work with you to create a unique backyard element that perfectly suits the needs of your children and enhances your outdoor space, at competitive prices.

If you’re looking for a safe, cost-effective alternative to an in-ground pool for the youngest members of your household, custom splash pads from Taylormade Landscapes are the perfect solution.

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While the Las Vegas climate remains relatively temperate year-round, winter temperatures can dip low enough that you won’t want to send kids outside to splash around. You’ll also need to shield play equipment against chilly night time temperature drops. In other words, it’s best to protect your investment by winterizing your splash pad, just as you would a swimming pool.

At Taylormade Landscapes, we offer more than design and installation services. We’re also happy to help you maintain your entire yard space, including splash pads. Winterization of splash pad elements could include shutting off water supplies, draining lines, cleaning and repairing elements, and installing caps and covers to protect against damage while not in use, among other tasks. When temperatures turn warm once again, we’ll come back to prep your system for summertime usage.

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Spring Start-Ups

Are you looking to install a water feature in time to combat the heat of summer? Taylormade Landscapes is pleased to work with you to create your custom design and plan for a spring start-up date for construction and installation.

We proudly offer end-to-end services that start with your customized design, which we tailor to your specific needs and preferences, continue through our conscientious installation, and extend to include ongoing maintenance. When you need comprehensive support service for convenience and peace of mind, there’s no better choice than Taylormade Landscapes.

Splash Pads

What Is a Residential Splash Pad?

Splash pads have become increasingly popular among homeowners in the last few years. If you’re looking for a cool-down solution that is affordable, safe, and easy to maintain, then consider a residential splash pad.

What exactly is a splash pad? A splash pad, also known as a spray park or a water playground, is an area with a non-slip surface that provides hours of fun for children of all ages.

Splash pads are fitted with a variety of nozzles that shower, spray, shoot, and mist water. The splash pad combines the different water sensations to create an unequaled play adventure.


The Splash Pad Installation Process

The splash pad installation process is easy and does not take nearly as long as the process to put up a swimming pool. We know how to create an extensive water play area that is easily maintained, operated, and above all safe for your children.


Why Choose Taylormade as Your Las Vegas Residential Splash Pad Installation Company?

If you want your children to rejoice in the outdoors with a custom aquatic playground and you want someone experienced and affordable to install it, give us a call. We are guaranteed to provide you with the splash pad of your dreams.

For the best residential splash pad installation in Las Vegas, NV, Taylormade Landscapes should be your go-to

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