Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf Has Improved Dramatically

It’s no longer the conspicuous lawn in your grannie’s yard. Today, you can rely on premium materials to provide not only the look of lush grass, but the functional, durable, and low-maintenance yard surface you crave.

Taylormade Landscapes offers a variety of choices for synthetic turf to meet your every need, whether you’re interested in installing a resilient putting green or you simply want a hassle-free lawn that helps you reduce water waste. Your custom yard space should always work with your lifestyle, and synthetic turf can deliver both the beauty and convenience you deserve.

freshly cut and maintained lawn
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New Installation

Are you tired of trying to maintain a lush expanse of lawn in drought conditions? Maybe you don’t want to pay exorbitant water bills or you’re worried about doing your part to reduce water waste. Or perhaps you just can’t contend with brown, patchy grass anymore. What if you don’t want to give up your lawn, though?

The experienced team at Taylormade Landscapes has the solution, with premium quality synthetic turfs ideally suited to arid climates. When paired with other landscaping solutions, new synthetic turf installation can not only improve the look of your yard, but dramatically reduce water costs and the hassles of lawn maintenance.

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Putting Greens

While modern, high-quality synthetic turf provides a stunning addition to any yard, you can also get untold use value out of your turf when you elect to install a putting green. Why pay to practice at a club when you can perfect your putt in the privacy of your own backyard?

Synthetic putting greens from Taylormade Landscapes are custom designed to fit available yard space and suit your practical and aesthetic preferences. These even, easy-to-maintain surfaces are ideal for anyone looking to use their yard for putting practice, and our expert team of designers and installers offers end-to-end services for your convenience.

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Pet Odor Elimination

With synthetic turf, you may naturally worry about how pet waste will impact the surface. The good news is, synthetic surfaces won’t retain odors the same way organic plants will. While urine will simply drain away, solid waste will have to be removed, just as with a natural lawn. Cleaning simply requires hosing and occasional use of pet odor eliminating products, and Taylormade Landscapes offers maintenance services to help keep your artificial turf looking and smelling like new.